Windows provide multiple functions in any room, including letting in some sunlight while you check out what is happening outside. Some are opened regularly for fresh air, while others are not. In any case, these areas are a perfect location for adding some colorful decor to the room by following these decorative wall shelves ideas.

Things You Should Consider For Decorating The Window Shelves

There are several things that you will want to consider when you are getting ideas for good window shelf decor. First of all, do you have any pets or children in the home? If so, you will need to make sure that they cannot access anything that would do them harm. While older kids can usually be trusted to leave things alone if told to do so, a colorful cacti arrangement could be quite enticing to a toddler left unattended for a few moments. Also, take the time to measure each window shelf so you can quickly determine whether or not a piece of decor will fit well.

Check out the windows to see how the light hits them throughout the day. Try to get an idea of what it will be like all year, though it might be difficult if you are not familiar with how the sun patterns change in your neighborhood. Keep in mind that some pieces will require movement with the seasons to ensure proper lighting for your belongings. For instance, a window that doesn’t receive direct sunlight during the winter is perfect to keep items from fading. However, you should remove it come spring or summer if the sun’s path begins to beat down on the window for any significant length of time.

Be Creative With Plants for Window Shelves Decoration

Small plants are one of the most popular items for window shelves. You can grow a functional and fun herb garden above the kitchen sink. However, you don’t have to stick with plain pots and plants. In addition to using cute planters, consider learning some topiary skills. While usually associated with outdoor trees and bushes, topiary designs can be used with smaller plants as well. Both rosemary and lavender have the woody growth necessary to pull this off. You can use a wire frame to create a heart, or stick with simple designs like boxes and balls.

If you don’t enjoy fresh herbs or have another window to decorate, a succulent garden can be a colorful solution to your empty window shelf. While cacti fall within this category, a wide range of plants store water in their leaves. This means that you will invest less time to keep them looking great. Accent your succulent garden with moss, rocks and miniatures. You can make a fairy garden or something else entirely. Find online pictures of small succulent gardens to get your imagination flowing.

Your window shelves provide a great decorating opportunity. Plants are usually the top pick for them because of the plentiful sunshine usually found there. Herbs and succulents are good places to begin, though you might discover an entirely different type of plant family is just what you need to brighten your shelves! Learn here more!