Realizing that you have misplaced your child’s social security card can be stressful. There is always the concern that it could get into the wrong hands and used in a way that could harm your child’s financial future. It is important to take a few steps while working towards getting a replacement social security card application filled out for your child.

Major Credit Reporting Companies

The first thing that you will want to do is report that your child’s information is at risk to the major credit reporting companies. They have the ability to put a hold on your child’s information so that no one can get credit in their name. This is a breeze, especially since your child will not have any need to obtain credit in the near future. This is a critical step, as even though your child clearly would not be creating credit accounts, the credit reporting bureaus are not responsible for preventing these activities unless you notify them. They also can still hold your child accountable for anything that is done in their name, regardless of their age at the time.

Once you have taken measures to protect your child from identity fraud you will want to find out what you will need to complete an application for a replacement card. If you chose to visit your local Social Security Administration office it is a rather easy process. For all children under 12 years old the information is mostly in regards to the parent. You will need proof of identity for yourself and be able to answer a few questions that prove you are the child’s parent. This typically includes information that would be found on the birth certificate, such as the name and birth date of the other parent.

Prove Your Child Identity

There are a number of forms that you can provide to prove your child’s identity. One of the most common forms of proof is a school identification card. Almost every school these days provide every student with one, so that is likely the easiest route to go. Another form of proof is a letter from the child’s school that includes the child’s age and name. This is usually very easy to obtain from the school’s administration. In most cases they will be able to take care of it for you as soon as you request it.

If you have your child’s birth certificate, that really is the best form of identification. Another option is your child’s shot record from their physician. It is important to note that the laws are constantly changing, so you will want to be sure that you have the right document before you head down to your local office. The last thing you want is to take time out of your day only to find out that you do not have what you need to file for a replacement card.

Look For Quick & Easy Process

When at the office you will find the process to be extremely quick and easy. There is very little that the agent will need from you to request the new card. In most cases it will take less than five minutes once you get to talk to someone that can help you. They will then have the replacement card mailed to your home, which takes less than two weeks in most cases.

If you are worried about getting a replacement social security card for your child, you should rest easy knowing that the process is not complicated. It just takes a little time and the right document and they will quickly have a new one sent to you. For more details visit