There are so many people that will lose their Social Security cards. Most people only have one. If you happen to be in a group, and all of the luggage was lost on a trip, they may have lost everything that they have brought with them. If that is the case, and these individuals have lost their Social Security cards, there is a way to request all of them. To do this, there are certain procedures that must be completed to get the new Social Security cards processed and sent out to everyone that is now missing one.

Do You Have To Do This Individually?

You do need to request your own Social Security card. That is because it is yours, and not someone else’s. If you are in a group where multiple people have lost up to 10 different Social Security cards, every person is going to make the same request. You cannot do this on your own, and if these people do not do this for themselves, they will simply not have a card to use. You are not responsible for replacing Social Security cards, nor could you even change their numbers if that is something that they requested.

Where Should You Make This Request?

Making this request can be done in person. You can find the nearest Social Security administration office and visit them when you have the time. It may not be imperative that you replace the card immediately, but the sooner that you do this, the faster you will have your card back in your possession. Each of the people that is currently without a Social Security card will make the same request, and they will be sent a new one over the course of several weeks.

Is There A Way Of Speeding Up This Process?

There is actually no way of speeding up the process at all. It will follow the same procedure for every single person that will make the request. They will have to go to the Social Security Administration, fill out the forms, and send this to the regional Social Security office. From there, they will look at the information that was sent, and then they will make a decision as to whether or not to send one out. If someone is simply lost one, it’s really not a problem when it comes to getting replacements.

If you have been part of a group where multiple Social Security cards have been lost, everybody is going to contact the Social Security Administration to get a replacement. Even if you do know your number, you should get a new one sent to you. It is recommended that you then laminate that card, and place it somewhere where it cannot be lost again. After this process is over, you will know exactly what to do if you ever have the same problem arise. If a person does not have any other problems associated with their Social Security card, or that number, it should be sent by the end of the month. Get to know more at