If you want to learn about the world of real estate investing, then it is probably a good idea to look at joining a company, before you start trying to do things yourself. Real estate is a difficult field, and even acting as an agent has a lot of challenges.

There are a lot of independent dayton ohio real estate companies out there, and there are several big ones as well. One might think that working for one of the bigger chains would be a wise choice as it offers stability, but there’s a lot to be said for the independent offices too.

How Remax Offices Makes Their Earning in US

One company that gets overlooked is Remax. Most of the branches of Remax in the United States are franchises owned by one or more independent sales people who have went through the Remax training process and are now running their own office and earning a commission selling properties for the HQ. Some people find that working for a real estate company on a commission basis is high stress and its not their ideal way of earning, but for many people it is a good option because it gives you an incentive to work hard and there is no cap on how much you can earn. If you are enthusiastic, have the kind of personality that can close a deal easily, and you are willing to put the time in then your earnings can be very high.

Remax is a good company to work for because for all you have to perform to earn, the fees for agents are quite low, so the risk is minimal. In addition, employees are given a lot of support in terms of both classroom learning and mentorship from experienced agents. This means that while it’s a sink or swim approach to the job – at least you’re given a life jacket and there are people there willing to support you as the work goes on.


One look at reviews on Indeed or Glassdoor should give you an idea of what an individual office is like. Naturally, some environments are better than others like Denise Wick Remax, and you can’t make assumptions until you meet your boss, but this is a place where you can get an idea of the culture of the company, and if you’re on the fence after your first interview – or about applying at all – then it could help.